For education establishments who are in search of a simple, affordable and effective way to manage student information and automate their registration system, Gradebook, by Indigo Interactive, is a cloud-based student information and grading system that provides teachers and administrative staff with useful tools to automate and simplify the daily routine of simple or lengthy tasks. Unlike our (competitors), Gradebook gives schools a simple, truly customizable way to store and track data.


Create, update and modify your data anytime. Access information and pull reports from purpose-built gridviews.

Work Samples

Track class rosters, attendance, and contact information for each of your students.

RTI Intervention

Store personal information including requests for time off, expense reimbursements and purchase requests.

Individualized Learning Plans

This includes enhanced reporting features to track standards by each individual student.


Use the portfolio sample repository to track submitted samples from individual students.


Export data throughout the modules including standards, progress reports, grade reports and attendance reports.

Parent Portal

Export data throughout the modules including standards, progress reports, grade reports and attendance reports.

Initially built to help school administrators gather data from various sources in order to create their own reports. There are a lot of Charter Schools out there that have to depend on external systems for data (Chicago Public Schools, E-College and a few others) so we built this to help those institutions automate and streamline their report making process and providing access to data quickly.

How It Works

Import Data

  • Our team will help to find what sources we need to pull data from into the Gradebook application.
  • Review attendance collection and other reports that are needed.

Define & Manage

  • Take a copy of the attendance letter templates with your branding so the system can generate school branded attendance letters.

Establish Standards Setup

  • Work to obtain a list of courses and then standards against those courses.
  • Type of work samples that need to be collected, Individualized Learning Plans and RTI interventions will also be collected in the requirements.

Create Workflow

  • Identifying administrative needs such as Balance Score Card, Faculty Expense Reimbursements, Purchase Requests and Time-Off Requests.
  • We will work to determine what access parents need to have in the portal such as Progress Report Cards, Event Calendar, Attendance, and Lunch Menu and payments.

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